The ones without a voice #inspiration

#Loveandkindness seems to have gone out of the hearts of men in our world today. We hear about those who abuse children and young people, the elderly, and those caught up in modern day slavery. The suffering experienced by groups of refugees, the hatred, fear, pain and the humiliation suffered by all the various group of individuals and the nation’s hearts go out to them. But there are groups of other suffering people e.g. Abused partners who stand alone in their distress. When it comes to the ordinary woman/man who has for years felt unloved by their spouse and who has continuously suffered abuse, scorn, rejection and other degrading circumstances they stand alone. Many women/men although they may have a roof over their heads, families around them they too can be made to feel excluded, alone, neglected and even treated with hostility. Many go about their daily lives with a smile carrying out their everyday chores even though they are hurting inside. With no one to persecute for the #injusticesuffered, many turn to #GOD for comfort, and solace. In Him they can say with confidence “Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness”. Why? because they can find solace in  #theGodofmercy.


About authorjeanjohn

I am the Author of the Inspiring book When God Intervenes. The founder of the Wayside Community Centre in Hackney, East London. Over the years I have Volunteered in several Organisations in Hackney, Leyton, Walthamstow and Islington. I am a Fully Accredated Local Preacher in the Methodist Church. The Local Hackney Gazette, and the Voice Newspaper ran a story on my involvement in the Community when I won the Award of the year (1999). I was also featured on the Channel 4 programme (You deserve this House).
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